The only PGI salad in Europe

The salad of Lusia has an absolute European record: it is the only one in Europe with the PGI brand, obtained in 2009. Its century-old history began with its cultivation in the first half of the 1800s, but a century later in Lusia the production of vegetables spreads and becomes an important commercial activity as well as an agricultural one. Seen from the Adige riverbank the cultivation looks like an immense patchwork piece, worked by skilled hands. Stretches of vegetable gardens, well traced and cultivated with an alternation of various shades of green, the vegetables colour, and of gray sand, the colour of the land. Among the fields there are horticultural houses, protected by hedges, decorated with ornamental plants and enriched by fruit trees. It is an enchanting landscape, typical of the Medio Polesine. Here salad is grown.